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Create texts for your blog, social networks, ads, websites, and more with a single click. Like magic.
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How it works

We know it's hard to be creative all the time. What if there was a magic button that made your life easier?
See how we can help you create perfect in 3 simple steps:
  • Select a type of copy

    Choose from headlines, blog posts, product descriptions, and much more.

  • Describe your context

    Enter the name of your product (or company) and briefly explain what it does.

  • Create original content

    Done! Our AI automatically writes original, high-quality content in seconds.


Who is using Magic Write

Scale your business without hiring more people

Focus your efforts on marketing strategy and use our AI to write content. Surprise your customers with amazing texts, delivered in record time.

Focus on what really matters: your business

Do you want to build an online reputation, but don't have the time to write high-quality content on a regular basis? We got you! Use our AI to write blog posts and ads, so that you can focus on what really matters: scaling your business.

Create ads that convert using the power of AI

Increase your sales with social media ads and optimized product descriptions.

Create content 5x faster with artificial intelligence

Use our AI to increase your productivity, improve the quality of your texts and overcome creative blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, feel free to chat with us.

How does it generate content?

The AI learned about many subjects using texts from the internet: Wikipedia articles, news, blog posts and others. Now, it’s able to write original content using its own words.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yea! No fees, no questions asked 🙂

Is the content original?

Yes! Magic Write writes unique content 99.99% of the time and you likely don’t need to be worried about plagiarism.

Will I ever need to write again?

Yes, you still need to write. Magic Write does not replace you, but increases your productivity by helping you to get out of the blank page and overcome of creative blocks.

Plans & Pricing

Per Month Per Year

Cancel any time

No questions asked.
US$29 US$290
Everything you need to write
the perfect marketing copy
Generate 20+ types of copy
Ads, headlines, emails, and more
Unlimited runs
24/7 free support
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US$99 US$990
Everything you need to write
original, high-quality content

50k words. Then, US$0.06 for each 1k words

Everything from the Copywriting plan & more:
Rich editor to write blog posts
Outline, introduction & expand into paragraph
Higher quality results
SEO focused outputs
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